Budgeting Case Study – Movie Production Budgeting

Focus on learning financial budgeting from scratch along with its techniques, process in a movie production case study


The objective of this online financial budgeting course is to impart the requisite skills and subject knowledge to the participants about budgeting and forecasting. Budgeting and forecasting are important tasks as it sets the target for performance and useful for cash flow and cost measurements. It creates a sense of accountability in the organization. People who possess these skills are highly valued in an organization and it helps them to grow in their career as growing up the ladder professional and key management persons are expected to form strategies, align with the operational goals, mission, and vision of the organization.

This course is designed to train the participants on budgeting and forecasting and make them familiar with the process. It will be useful for them in their career as budgeting plays a key role in all organizations as that gives the road map and performance target to the company and employees.

A budget is a financial plan for a specific period, usually prepared for a financial year. It covers all financial aspects for the future period right from revenue, costs, expenses, profits, assets, liabilities, and cash flows. The budget is more of an estimate and the target set by the management for future performance. The budget is the expected performance and the same will be tracked against the actual performance and the gaps will be monitored by the management. There are two types of budgeting – Operational budgeting and Capital budgeting.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals – Finance Professionals who are in lines of b udgeting and analysis and others who are accountants, treasurers, corporate development professionals, reporting analysts, etc. can also take up this course.
  • The budgeting training course is useful for both students and professionals who have the interest to learn and pursue their careers in that line.

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