Big Data in Advertising – Explained in Plain English

Big Data in Advertising – Explained in Plain English

A 30 min overview of what kind of data advertisings use and how that data is collected on your devices.

What you’ll learn

  • How what you share online can be used and collected by advertisers
  • Why companies look to collect data in the first place
  • What kind of data advertisers look to collect
  • Understand the kinds of laws and policies in place to protect people’s data
  • Better understand all the different types of companies involved in the data collection and advertising delivery process
  • Learn from an industry expert
  • Analyze trends and news
  • Join students in over 120 countries
  • Learn about an industry on track to be worth over $330B a year by 2021
  • Make smarter decisions about your digital advertising efforts
  • Advance your career with a deeper understanding of the digital advertising industry


  • Before taking the course spend a couple minutes looking for ads on your computer or mobile phone and see if you can find any that are very specific to you. Be that an ad for a product you just looked at our bought, or for a vacation spot you’re interested in, or a product you really like.
  • Know that digital and mobile advertisements exists
  • Know that data is used to better target ads to the target consumer
  • Be open to learning about the complex digital advertising ecosystem and the processes advertisers go through to collect and use data
Who this course is for:
  • Advertising professionals
  • students
  • business owners
  • data analysts
  • Anyone interested in learning more about big data and advertising


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