Become A 6-Figure IT Contractor Masterclass

Learn How To Find Customers, Land Contracts and Multiply Your Income


Learn how to start your contracting career from an experienced DevOps contractor. You can transform yourself from an employee to a contractor, Erdem will help you gain the necessary confidence in delivering and landing projects.

What is in For you?

Learn how to start preparing for and building your company. The course would make sure real-world examples are shared and there is always an apply section where you can practice on your end.

Erdem uses the ‘Tell, Show, Do, Apply’ format to make sure that the learner gets involved in the course. He wants to connect to the audience and make sure that they get value from the information he teaches. The Hero to Zero format goes over an Immigrants’ Journey to set up a small profitable business as Erdem has done himself.


Erdem dedicated his current career year to filling IT-related skills gaps. After every contract, he goes over all the skills needed to deliver projects after he does the handover and creates the course so many more people can benefit from the experience.


Hi, my name is Erdem Sahin and I am working on DevOps contracts and on the side, I create courses to share and teach what I’ve learnt from experience. I’ve been an IT contractor for 10+ years now and have completed over 50 projects worldwide, including working with top tech enterprises like Microsoft and consulting companies like Accenture. Transforming myself as a contractor has given my family the ability to immigrate to the first world and open doors that I did not think of before.

I am very excited to meet with you and start your journey. Good luck and see you on the course!

Detailed Research

As a team, we are creating study notes for our online courses. The team that is creating the notes would be coming from the zero states where you can rely on the notes having the cheat codes that you need. Lifetime access to the course is included.

Connect and Iterate

We love to get feedback and update the course as we go along. Any questions and feedback are very helpful.

Who is this course for?

3D printing technician, App developer, Archivist, Business analyst, Cartographer, Computer games tester, Cyber intelligence officer, Data entry clerk, Data scientist, Database administrator, Digital delivery manager, Digital service delivery manager, Digital product owner, E-learning developer, Forensic computer analyst, Cyber security professional, Geospatial technician, Information scientist, IT project manager, IT security coordinator, IT service engineer, IT support technician, IT trainer, Media researcher, Network engineer, Network manager, Operational researcher, Robotics engineer, Automation engineer, Security Service personnel, Social media manager, Software developer, Programmer, Software developers design, Solutions Architect, Systems analyst, Technical Architect, IT systems architect, Technical author, Telephonist, Switchboard operator, Test lead, User experience (UX) designer, User researcher, Vlogger, Web content editor, Web content manager, Web designer, Digital designer, Web developer, Front end developer, back end developer, full stack developer

Who this course is for:

  • Permanent employees who want more freedom
  • Beginner IT contractors who want to thrive
  • Information Technology professionals
  • Beginners wanting to migrate and work remotely

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