Automated A CRM& Rental&Subscriptions System with ODOO AI

Practical Ideas To Generate Sales, Loyalty And Repeat Business Fast Use ODOO CRM Automate


do you know what makes the difference between good and great sales teams the tools they use this is odoo CRM a great tool to organize sales activities automate tasks and empower teams with customer daily with o2 CRM you can drag and drop your opportunities through every stage of the pipeline it’s that easy

you can schedule meetings calls or tasks in just a click see an overview of today’s meetings and next activities

call your prospects directly from the app once you get more information about an opportunity just click on it send emails from within the opportunity it makes it incredibly easy to track all of your opportunities actions and history

  • with odoo CRM you don’t need to record
  • data manually in the system emails are
  • automatically integrated and the VoIP
  • integration allows you to make calls
  • directly from the opportunities record
  • your schedule is also synchronized with
  • odoo calendar and your mobile phone to
  • help keep you organized use odoo crm
  • along with all your other odoo apps on
  • your smartphone or tablet
  • odoo reporting functions provide

greater insight into your individual and team performance drill down into any data points you’d like to compare create pivot tables to better analyze your

  • pipeline in just a few clicks the o2 CRM app is fully integrated with other
  • business applications like the e-commerce marketing sales key signature
  • emailing etc design professional quotes in under a minute
  • create visually engaging email campaigns automate frequent actions and follow-ups
  • with a marketing automation app sign contracts easily with ODOO signature ODOO to helps thousands of businesses
  • spend more time focusing on their sales opportunities and less time on
  • unnecessary manual data entry Oh to CRM the CRM that salespeople love try it

Who this course is for:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills in ODOO CRM Analytics
  • Mid level or more experienced marketers (e.g. Snr CRM Mgrs / Heads of CRM / Marketing Directors / CMOs) whose CRM programs are not working as well as they would like / are under pressure to maximize results and want to put more insight and structure around their programs, but don’t know where to start.
  • Anyone considering using ODOO CRM for their business
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their understanding of how the customer works and thinks
  • Beginners / Students / Junior Marketers / Mid level Marketers who want to learn fast how some of the worlds biggest brands drive the best results from CRM marketing and be able to apply the approaches quickly in their business context

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