Autodesk Combustion Training Hands-on

Combustion Fundamentals, Masks, Keying and Color Correction and Paint and Particles.


Autodesk Combustion is a computer program for motion graphics, stunning visuals, and compositing. It is a paid application by the famous software tycoons Autodesk media and entertainment, which is used to create quick and easy visual effects. Combustion was released in the year 2008 and it is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Combustion was formerly known as discreet.

Combustion is an all in one tool which allows paint, animate, edit and composes 2D and 3D visuals in an integrated environment. Also, it is a resolution-independent vector-based animation software which composes visuals corresponding to TV, videos, web, and feature film domains.

Combustion is a cost-effective software that provides basic to advanced features and gives high-quality output at a low cost. This software is used by different professionals like graphic designers, animators, visual effect artists, web designers, etc. and combustion helps them to produce outstanding VFX for a multitude of projects.

Using Autodesk combustion you can produce multi workspace that can handle various projects like compositing, painting projects and visuals effects at the same time. The main advantage of combustion over other graphics software is that it allows the user to switch freely from 2D space to 3D space and managing the complexity of projects by using the layers window

This Autodesk Combustion Training will help beginners and professionals to confidently get up and running in graphics and animation. This course helps professionals to improve their skill set and perform effectively in their jobs. Through this Autodesk Combustion course, you will learn how to basic to advanced features of combustion. All features are explained with practical examples for easy understanding.

Let us have a look into the different skills you will learn from this tutorial,

  • Combustion Masks
  • Keying
  • Colour correction
  • Paint & particles
  • Working with layers
  • Working with alpha channel
  • Layer controls
  • Animating Mask
  • Advanced keying
  • Bit depth
  • Refine tuning shapes
  • Stereoscopic roto

Through this Autodesk Combustion Training, you will learn where you can apply combustion along with the unlimited features it can cater across multiple domains

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn visual effects and compositing: Students who are planning to enter the field of animation, visual effects, motion graphics, etc. can use this course as a stepping stone to achieving a safe and strong career can enroll for this Autodesk Combustion Training. Graphic designer: A graphic designer create visual concepts using computer software. They give appropriate animations and colors for each project. Combustion is one such software that provides all the features needed for a graphic designer. This Autodesk Combustion Training will help the graphic designer to improve their skills over combustion. 3D animators: Animators are artists who create and digitally model computer images using computer software. They use sequential images of drawings, and models to create videos, computer games, films, and websites. They develop 3D multimedia projects involving copter software. Combustion can be used to create 3D animation. This course teaches you how to work with 3D animation using combustion.

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