An Overview on Digital Marketing and Technology Strategy

An Overview on Digital Marketing and Technology Strategy

Compute the return on investment of Digital Marketing and learn the basics of Technology Strategy and Innovation

What you’ll learn

  • Advertising Metrics

  • Return on Advertising

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Media Performance

  • Digital Strategy

  • Media Strategy

  • Digital Advertising

  • Digital Marketing

  • Advertising Analytics

  • Technology Strategy
  • Basic business notions
  • Basic Internet notions

This short course is designed to empower the participant in the digital marketing landscape. It provides first a conceptual definition of digital marketing and its relevant for today’s business environments. The course then explains the strategical framework and the different types of media as well as a description of media metrics. It also shows examples to compute return on investment for a Bank using Search Ads and Display Ads. Finally, the course provides a quiz to round-up the whole content of Section 1 of the course.

Section 2 of the course provides a glimpse into the concept of Technology Strategy aiming to connect it with Digital Marketing as an Innovation driven by the evolution of the way businesses use the Internet as a market and a medium for advertising.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner business analysts
  • Beginner digital marketer
  • Beginner digital advertisers
  • Beginner digital business strategist
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