Advanced Heat Transfer: Heat Exchangers

Advanced Heat Transfer: Heat Exchangers

Log Mean Temperature Difference Method, Effectiveness NTU, Parallel Flow, Counter Flow, Shell and Tube, Cross Flow

What you’ll learn

  • Recognize numerous types of heat exchangers, and classify them
  • Develop an awareness of fouling on surfaces, and determine the overall heat transfer coefficient for a heat exchanger
  • Perform a general energy analysis on heat exchangers
  • Obtain a relation for the logarithmic mean temperature difference for use in the LMTD method
  • Modify the LMTD method for different types of heat exchangers using the correction factor
  • Develop relations for effectiveness, and analyze heat exchangers when outlet temperatures are not known using the effectiveness-NTU method


  • Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Course
  • Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Course
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics

Who this course is for:

  • Engineering Students
  • Anyone Interested in Learning about Heat Exchangers

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