3D Printing Start to Finish with TINCARCAD & CURA Software’s

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Welcome to the world of 3D printing. In this 3D printing course we’ll be going over the basics of the 3D printing world. This course is designed for beginners and experienced to gain an understanding of how a 3D printer works, and the process of going from a blank 3D design to a full physical print out.

Buying your first 3D printer is a big investment and it’s a good idea to really learn what you’re getting in to. It would be smart to first find out how the entire process works before you make a purchase. Like how it goes from a digital file to a full physical object.

Imagine if you could press “print” and then everything you’d ever need would be created. I mean EVERYTHING. Well, this isn’t science fiction completely.. it’s almost 100% possible thanks to 3D Printing.

3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, is a way to build real objects using a three dimensional electronic robot/device based off using 3D CAD models (computer aided drafting). The technology is still in early stages but it’s quickly becoming the best way for anyone to make prototypes and cool objects that wouldn’t have been possible ever before.

Taking this course will empower you to design your own 3D models in a systematic way for various engineering application by learning the software and hardware of the additive manufacturing implementation.

Learn how to prototype products and even create functional objects for your home, office, or even as unique gifts for friends.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about 3D printing
  • Artists, designers or Makers who are interesting in learning new techniques in 3d Printing
  • Cosplay makers and hobbyists interested in 3d Printing
  • Beginner to intermediate level creators / makers who want to learn how to design their own cool things for 3d printing.
  • Doctors, Researchers, Engineers and Students
  • Designers, tinkerers, hobbyists, artists and anyone looking to learn how to design their own models for 3D printing

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