A Positive Start – How to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

A Positive Start – How to Raise Healthy, Happy Children

Teaching Children Essential Life Skills

What you’ll learn

  • Life skills for children

  • Giving children more confidence

  • Helping children become more self-aware

  • Personal development program for children

  • Improved focus among children

  • Parenting skills for early childhood development

  • Empowering children to be the best they can be

  • Improved mental health among young children

  • Tools for handling stress, anxiety, confusion and depression
  • No requirements are necessary for taking this course

Overview of the course

This course will help you teach young children essential life skills, become more self-confident, more aware of others and challenge them to grow.

It will walk you through 10 fundamental life skills essential for empowering children to become more positive and happy.

This is then supplemented with further resources to help reinforce their learning by way of illustrated story-books to illustrate these skills through FUN and a Personal Advancement Manual to put their skills into ACTION.

FUN and ACTION: two of the most powerful ways to learn.

Who this course is for:
  • Parents of young children aged 5 to 9 years old
  • Teachers involved in personal, social and health-related subjects
  • Members of the community who instruct children, such as in after-school clubs, summer camps, sports clubs, etc.
  • Martial Arts clubs and associations
  • Educators looking for robust resources to teach valuable life skills to children
  • Instructors involved in personal development for kids
  • Life coaches for kids
  • Adults looking for robust positive parenting resources
  • Child behavior coaches
  • Children’s confidence coaches
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