5G NR – Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol – RAN Layer 2

5G NR – Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol – RAN Layer 2

5G RLC Protocol for Beginners, Telecom Engineers and Managers

What you’ll learn

  • 5G NR – Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol – RAN Layer 2
  • Some knowledge of Wireless Networks

Whether you are beginner in 5G Layer 2, or an experienced Technical/Managerial person, this course will help you get a head start with the 5G Radio Link Control Protocol, which is a Layer 2 RAN protocol.

For Beginners, it will provide a strong foundation in understanding the RLC features and functions as defined in the 3GPP RLC specifications.

For Experienced people, this would provide a good structured recourse, with tidbits that are not explicitly mentioned in the specification.

The FAQ list that would be available to students on completion of the course, could help in Job Interviews.

Why take this course

The Instructor has been an early implementer of 5G RAN protocols, as early as when the first standardized specifications rolled out for 5G. In this course, you get an experienced explanation of RLC, and this might also help you understand the specification better.

The time duration of each sub-topic is very apt, to help the student stay focused, and grasp the concepts well.

After this hour long session, you will get absolutely comfortable with the 5G RLC protocol, and be motivated to explore more about the 5G RAN.

What Topics would you learn

After a short introduction and overview, we explore the following topics:

– Various RLC Modes of Operation

– Multiple RLC PDU Formats

– Each and every PDU parameter as defined by the specification

– RLC Window and Protocol Constants

– RLC Protocol Timers

Extended topics that will be added:

– Flowcharts and Positive/Negative Scenarios


Students who stay invested and complete this course, would get a list of commonly asked Job Interview Questions for RLC

Also, these students could get discounts on my next upcoming tutorials.

Send me a Message once you complete the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner to Intermediates in 5G

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