5, A Course in Miracles, Lesson Meditations / ACIMM #61-75

5, A Course in Miracles, Lesson Meditations / ACIMM #61-75

Guided Meditations for the lessons of A Course in Miracles – (Part Five, Lessons 61-75)

What you’ll learn

  • Applying “A Course in Miracles” Lessons through Meditations
  • Headphones and an open-mind

This is part five (5) of a twenty-four (24) part set consisting of a total of 360 guided meditations (MP3). You simply need to participate in the meditations to benefit from this course.

Course Key: When you experience fear, you are beginning to grow beyond your perception.

For best results: Relax through the fear and continue.

***Remember to Download the Zip file(s) attached, which contain all the unique MP3 Meditations.***

This course is experiential and not informative. It consists of guided Meditations to train the deepest facets of the mind to experience the spiritual-universe. They are inspired by each lesson of “A Course in Miracles” and are most beneficial when done in sequence. While they do go in correspondence to the lessons, they can be done alone. However, if you do them with the lessons you will find the experience expedites the training to awakening the divine within. 

“A Course in Miracles, Intensive” has many additional discussions on each lesson and is provided by Udemy, available on Rev. Devan’s Profile.

There are 24 parts to this set. Each of the parts consists of 15 meditations, a total of 360 meditations.

Who this course is for:
  • “A Course in Miracle” Students and Teachers
  • Those interested in Enlightenment, Awakening & Spirituality.

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