3 in 1 Course-eCcommerce Stores W/ WordPress & Shopify 2023

Comprehensive 3 in 1 Course to Build 3 eCommerce Websites W/ WordPress & Shopify – Dropshipping and Print on Demand


Comprehensive 3 in 1 Course to Build 3 eCommerce Websites W/ WordPress & Shopify – Dropshipping and Print on Demand

Comprehensive Course to Build a Print on Demand & Dropshipping eCommerce Store in 2022 – Using Shopify and WordPress.

In this course, you will learn how to Design and Set up an Online flower e-commerce store from scratch as a beginner using WordPress, Flatsome, and other Free plugins.

Not only will you learn how to create the store, but we will also make it look beautiful to give a great experience to customers and improve their overall experience.

Building a website that looks good and has multiple great functionalities is key to reducing bounce rates and keeping customers on the website to improve conversion rate and customer retention.

Let me introduce you to The Amazing Flowers Dropshipping course.

In this comprehensive course, you will acquire the knowledge and EVERY SINGLE tool, template, and resource needed to build 2 Online Stores in 2 Different ways.

  • Learn the neccesary skills to create a PROFITABLE dropshipping eCommerce store in 2023 using Shopify and WordPress (Dropshipping automation app)
  • Master a skill to supplement your existing income by selling products from Aliexpress, Banggood, or other suppliers in your store
  • Master Shopify and Woo-commerce Store creation, and gain a skill that you could use to Freelance on Platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.
  • Learn the perfect formula to pick the winning products to dropship
  • Quickly find qualified suppliers to dropship for you and learn about the Red flags to pay attention to and avoid
  • You will design a good-looking store that will leave your customers with a great first impression.
  • Build your brand, and scale your business by selling more products or creating a lot of succesful dropship stores.
  • Adopt the Drop-shipping business model to create a succesful flower e-commerce online store
  • Set up the website from scratch using wordpress and the world’s best eCommerce theme
  • You will learn everything from “how to set up the store,” “add payment gateways,” and “how to set up tax rates.”
  • Set up a google ads account, launch a succesful google ads campaign using a brand new google ads account
  • You will also remember how to find suppliers for flowers in the united states.
  • You will learn how to optimize your website for speed to provide a high customer experience.
  • Use the 14 Days Free Trial to Create a Print on Demand Online Store
  • Full Shopify Store Creation tutorial
  • Learn how to Automate the Order Fulfillment Process using Printful
  • Make your Design look Great using a Free Shopify Theme and Apps.
  • Create an On-Budget Online Store from Scratch
  • Upgrade your Website Design Skills to Create

You also have access to the Q/A section; this way, you can ask questions about lectures to get the most understanding and benefit from the course.

What makes (Passive income gen z) credible to teach you this topic?

I started my online career from scratch and built it brick by brick. My experience gave me the motivation and the desire to give back to the world and to spread knowledge about what I have learned.

I am also an experienced WordPress web developer specializing in building e-commerce stores and have developed many websites over the years.

My online business has enabled me to develop myself on many levels, and I want to help as many people as possible.

By learning how to create a store, you can have a first-hand e-commerce experience that could help you achieve many endeavors in your life.

You can also use the skill of WordPress web development to sell your services as a freelancer on platforms such as fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc…

The skill of web development can also help you start a career as a web developer in a corporate job.

ADD TO CART now and create a dropshipping e-commerce store from scratch with BLUPRINT!

Who this course is for:

  • People seeking to learn 3 Different ways to create a store with Shopify and Woo-commerce.
  • Learn how to automate the dropshipping process to focus on Marketing and product prospecting!

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