25 Common English Phrases with Arabic translation

25 individual English phrase lessons


Do you want to be able to understand native speakers better? Or improve your accent and sound like a native speaker from the uk? Well this course just might be for you! This everyday English phrases course was designed to help English Language Learners learn some of the most common, modern phrases used in everyday English. I have mixed between formal, informal, and idioms that are used in conversational English in native speaking countries, specifically the UK. This course is ideal for beginners and intermediate students that want to improve their spoken English, learn new phrases and vocabulary and develop a British Accent with correct pronunciation.

Each lesson has a short video explaining the phrase and example sentences using the phrase, all translated into Arabic. Each lesson also has a downloadable PDF resources with all the video content transcribed for you to keep and study from. Lastly, every lesson has a short quiz in English to test your knowledge.

The course has been split into 5 sections, with an end of section merged video to revise and watch as well as a longer quiz. This method of revisiting learning after each section, will help you practice and remember more of what you have been learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Common English phrases course with Arabic translation
  • Beginner English learners

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