2022 Spring Professional Certification Test VMware EDU-1202

Crack Java & Spring Professional Certification Exam in 2022 with 250+ high-quality practice test questions and answers.

Prepare for Spring Professional Certification VMware EDU-1202

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Spring Professional Certification Exam, also known as  is one VMware EDU-1202 certification of the most in-demand certifications among Java developers and the Java world, but it’s one of the toughest exams to crack given the passing score of 76%. Because of that, many experienced Java developers who have worked on the spring framework for years struggle to pass this exam. The key to passing the exam is not only to prepare well but also to build the speed and accuracy to solve enough questions correctly to score at least 76% in a limited time and that’s where this Udemy course will help you.

This Udemy course contains 250+ unique and high-quality practice questions to prepare for Spring Professional Certification (VMware EDU-1202).  Spring certification is a very in-demand certification and also a great way to improve your Spring framework skills. I have divided these 250+ questions into 5 full-length practice tests to mimic the real exam. You will get 90 minutes to answer the questions. The passing score is 76%, the same as the actual Spring certification exam.

Exam Pattern

– Number of Questions: 50

– Passing score: 76% or 300

– Duration: 90 Minutes

– Questions Type: Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, Drag and Drop, Matching

–  Exam may contain both scored and unscored questions, only scored question will be counted towards marks

You can use these practice tests to build your speed and accuracy required to pass this prestigious certification for Java developers. This certification is now awarded by VMware and also called the VMware EDU-1202 exam.

Once you have gone through the test you can also check the detailed explanation with links to spring documentation to understand the topic in depth. It’s imperative for you to have good knowledge of exam topics and explanations will help you with that.

The Spring Professional certification exam (VMware EDU-1202) is designed to test and validate your understanding of and familiarity with core aspects of Spring and Spring Boot such as:

  • Configuration, Component-scanning, AOP
  • Data access and Transactions
  • REST, Spring Security
  • Auto-configuration, Actuator, Spring Boot Testing

These practice tests are prepared by experts who have already passed the spring certification exam and it is designed to mimic the real exam with questions and allow you to check your speed and accuracy. You can use these practice questions to crack the spring certification test on the first attempt.

Here is the list of topics included in this exam:

  • Container (20%)
  • AOP (8%)
  • JDBC (4%)
  • Transactions (8%)
  • MVC (8%)
  • Security (6%)
  • REST (6%)
  • JPA Spring Data (4%)
  • Testing (4%)
  • Boot Into (8%)
  • Boot Autoconfig (8%)
  • Boot Actuator (8%)
  • Boot Testing (8%

There are many tangible and intangible benefits of passing Spring Professional certification and these practice questions will help you crack this prestigious exam in your first attempt. If you have any doubt, ask in the QnA and we’ll try to answer those questions.  All the best for your Spring Professional certification exam.

Quality speaks for itself…

Here are a couple of practice questions from the 1st test  in this course:


Which of the following are auto-configured when using @DataJpaTest?

  1.     Spring Repositories
  2.     Spring Security
  3.     DataSource
  4.     Message source

What’s your guess? Scroll below for the answer…

The @DataJpaTest annotation auto-configures the following:

• Caching

• Spring Data JPA repositories

• Flyway database migration tool

• A DataSource – The data-source will, as default, use an embedded in-memory database (test database).

• Data source transaction manager – A transaction manager for a single DataSource.

• A JdbcTemplate

• Liquibase database migration tool

• JPA base configuration for Hibernate

• Spring transaction

• A test database

• A JPA entity manager for tests

Here, is another sample question for Spring Professional Certification

Which of the following are web environment options offered by @SpringBootTest?

  1.     RANDOM_PORT
  2.     WEB
  3.     MINIMAL

What’s your guess? Scroll below for the answer…

Four different types of web environments can be specified using the webEnvironment attribute of the @SpringBootTest annotation:

• MOCK – Loads a web ApplicationContext and provides a mock web environment. Does not start a web server.

• RANDOM_PORT – Loads a WebServerApplicationContext, provides a real web environment and starts an embedded web server listening on a random port. The port allocated can be obtained using the @LocalServerPort annotation or @Value(“${local.server.port}”). Web server runs in a separate thread and server-side transactions will not be rolled back in transactional tests.

• DEFINED_PORT – Loads a WebServerApplicationContext, provides a real web environment and starts an embedded web server listening on the port configured in the application properties, or port 8080 if no such configuration exists. Web server runs in a separate thread and server-side transactions will not be rolled back in

transactional tests.

• NONE – Loads an ApplicationContext without providing any web environment.

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