( 14 hrs) Economic principles – learn by watching football!

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( 14 hrs) Economic principles – learn by watching football!

5 countries: 5 economies: 2 competitions (Includes Economics English course)

What you’ll learn

  • Feel a sense of intellectualism whenever they participate in a discussion about football!
  • Be able to argue for/against wanting to host the World Cup
  • See the 2018 World Cup in a whole new (economics) light!
  • Decluttering


  • An interest in understanding world affairs – especially the economics behind the World Cup 2018!
  • A realisation that although France won the World Cup there will also be an economic impact in Russia, Croatia, UK – and America!
  • The role of penalties in international football

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who follows football and is interested in the economic impact of the 2018 World Cup – in theory and practice
  • Everyone who has/has not studied economics before – there is so much to learn here!
  • Someone who watched some/all of the World Cup and wondered ‘What if….?’


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