11 Steps to Master the Art of Recruiting

11 Steps to Master the Art of Recruiting

Become the Top Performing Recruiter in Your Organization

What you’ll learn

  • how to find candidates that no other recruiter knows about
  • how to gain exclusivity with the very best candidates
  • how to navigate the offer stage to ensure deals never fall through
  • how to build and use leverage in negotiating with candidates
  • how to effortlessly get abundant recommendations and testimonials
  • how to learn from top performers
  • how to use digital marketing effectively for recruiting
  • how to harness time so it works in your favor
  • how to become a boolean search expert
  • how to become known for being extremely well-connected
  • how to optimize your recruiter profile on social media


  • No prerequisites required– just come with a desire to be the best recruiter in town.

Who this course is for:

  • Recruiters with a serious desire to improve
  • Folks who are new to recruiting
  • New entrepreneurs in the recruiting space
  • Human resources and talent acquisition professionals


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